Student-Centered Education

Cedar River Academy provides exceptional education opportunities for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade students. The CRA research-based Student-Centered Education Model defines the principles and practice of teaching in which teachers support students as they become responsible for their own learning, and meet Washington State learning standards.

The six most important reasons for parents to consider the CRA experience for their children are:

      1. CRA teachers challenge your child – students progress toward skill and knowledge mastery without limitations.
      2. CRA will help your child develop and maintain a love of learning as students research and complete projects that interest them.
      3. CRA’s small class size and individual attention encourage student competence and self confidence.
      4. CRA’s culture help students develop strong moral characteristics of respect, integrity, teamwork, and contribution.
      5. CRA’s safe and supportive environment encourages students as they develop emotionally and socially.
      6. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) experience prepares students for superior college placements.